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Go BACKSTAGE with Sarasota’s Latest Music Podcast!

In this episode, Music Compound owner Jenny Townsend is joined by managers Tom Lelyo and Kaylee Bettz in the inaugural MC BACKSTAGE Podcast! We feature our student of the month, Kaitlynn Hornung and shout out to our business partners Shabby Shack at the Bazaar on Apricot and Lime.

Join us each week as we discuss news and events at Music Compound and other Sarasota music events & happenings.

Episode Transcript

Tom – Hello, everybody. What’s up and welcome to the inaugural music compound podcast. This is Tom and I’m joined here by.

Jenny & Kaylee say hi ladies! “Hi!”

Tom – You don’t even know who were talking to because it’s the first episode but it’s okay. We’re going to have a lot of fun. So we’re just here to tell you what our plans are for the future with music compound in our podcast getting right into. It is all going to be about inspiration, collaboration & education and explain that a little bit to you as we divide up the different parts that we’re going to be having a shout outs.

Jenny – Yes. I think it’s great to highlight our staff. So we’ll be highlighting a lot of those individuals and our staff in the process along with that.

Tom – We got some pretty cool students, don’t we?

Do any like stick out to you in terms of like what they do? I mean, I know we’ve got actors here we’ve got, musical theater kids we even have doctors!

Jenny – We have doctors actually competing at a doctor band event.

Tom – Okay, we’re going to start right now. Okay, this week Kaitlynn Hornung. All right!

Jenny – I love her songs and when she came and she was like totally shy.

Tom – I have to get an interview with her and her teacher Ms Astara Summers that’s getting horny. I will be a student of the week are new girl student of the week. Awesome job Kaitlyn. Shout out to you!

So about collaboration and some of the collaboration activities that are available to our I’m just really being involved.

So what the things that will be talked about is our Jam sessions Monday nights from 6 to 7 Dan Dan the Man.

Is broken a toe jam sessions Tom has done a great job of creating Creek elem. So actually the first part of the jam we’re going to start learning some stuff each week.

Second half of it is going to be everyone playing together. So it’s really opening it up so that everyone with experience without experience. Everyone can actually play together Sunday really cool.

America’s Got Talent Workshop come out Monday Wednesday night 6 to 7. That’s why she’s amazing if you haven’t met her yet, but I have prepared if you want to go to America’s Got Talent.

Anybody that is interested in performing and anyway, I think she definitely Atlas Workshop going to learn so much about stage presence and how to present yourself and just life skills teachers with a background, right and she comes from a

Grammy award-winning family. She’s out touring Now with an amazing band. So I just really called. Yes, we do.

Are looking to collaborate or make some new friends and go home for some adult musicians great friendships and other bands have been built through those.

Two opportunities of the band session is one of the things I really love about the mission here at music compound of collaboration, that music is for everybody and it’s not something you just have to do on your own. I remember when I was taking music lessons.

I never knew who else was taken. I never knew who else played instruments. Here we’ve created a home.

For people to come in and explore and be educated and grow as musicians. So that’s been pestering really really cool.

The next section I would throw out at the education part and I’ll all kind of dive into this as you know, we feel very fortunate to be partnering with teacherzone because it’s a learning platform that really

Gives our members the opportunity to take their lesson and learning into their own hands. So free example, they can take their lessons in their own hands by communicating with the teachers outside of the outside of the weekly lesson. So if you have a question on how to do how to do a cord or how to play something or sing something correctly, you can just message

your teacher on teacher Zone and they will get back to you. So you have access to these professional musicians these love these lovers of music.

Anytime just send me a message and let me try to help you. I’m also along those lines you have access to a library of online lessons.

Through teacher zone. So just tell your teacher. Hey you want I want to learn learn more about whatever it is pentatonic

scales your teacher can assign you like 20 different lessons beginner intermediate Advanced and you can start learning at

your own pace because they gave you access to those lessons to ask your teacher. Hey, can you share some more teachers on

lessons with me so I can do more while I’m at home and then the last thing for parents teachers are really allows you to

take control of a schedule and as a pair myself, I got five kids. I know schedules get crazy. So with the teachers going

out I can login I can see what my son schedule is and not only that if I know that he’s got a orthodontist appointment

coming up when she does tomorrow, by the way, so shout out to Varone Orthodontics over there Shameless plug for the

Orthodontic Care responsibilities month are who is last Mart.

Shabby shack. What is the Shabby shack do?

Crafty things Wright City, okay. 30 group media page

Are we having it and she is decals. So if you wanted to create like a little pretty picture.

floral Paisley

That’s a thing, right? Excuse you got here just surprised. I knew the word Paisley if your kid does have a doctors

appointment or you want to go to Shabby shack and during your students time. You can go ahead to the teachers on app and

Bank lesson right there. And then you can also go look at all your bank lessons and reschedule them in all that’s going to

you now have access to that because the front desk is any focus on some really big project that are coming up. So that is

as of October 1st. That’s tomorrow as of the record of the podcast. That’s all opportunity for you guys to do that. Now if

it’s within 24 hours, we normally don’t allow that to just give us a call. If for some reason I have any problems there.

So I think that’s pretty much different part of our newsletter then they should go to our website to get that right now cuz our website is down.

Has been for a week. Thank you to all the members who get let us know.

That’s my bad. I was in charge of migrating the website, so

So they can get up-to-date with that true. Yes, NM Facebook files at music compound backstage. That’s for members only if you tried to get in and you have not been allowed into the group yet is because you didn’t answer the questions like we don’t just let anybody into our backstage.

We wanted to be members only so we specifically asked.

Why are you trying to get into this group? Are you a member, you know, and so

If you haven’t gone in yet, that’s why they’re also say hey now you can follow us on Tik Tok. That’s right. Music compound is on Tik Tok. You may be seeing some of our Instagram stories from Tik Tok.

I really want to learn the skeleton dance. So we’ll see how the spooky challenge goes for us. But thank you very much for checking us out at music compound, and we will see you at your next next lesson, and hopefully see you.rocking that stage in the near future. Bye!