Shelby Sachs, MT-BC

Shelby teaches:

  • Piano
  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele

Shelby Sachs graduated from Illinois State University and I’m a board-certified music therapist. My primary instruments are voice and piano, and I have been involved in various music groups throughout my school years including a cappella group, musicals, show choir, and jazz-rock band. I am relocating from Illinois to Sarasota with my dog and cats to expand my experience of music and avoid the winter chills.

Vocal approach:

Shelby’s vocal coaching level would be a beginner to intermediate to beginning. Most of my training has been with Italian arias and musical numbers, but I am also familiar with other genres and styles. My approach is more based on the mental aspects, such as the student’s confidence and self-expression as well as visualizations of the sound, and then the technical aspects, such as breathing techniques, how to stand, relaxing the mouth muscles, etc. The approach can be varied depending on the student and abilities as well, especially if the student needs accommodations. I would like to be as involved with the students as possible when it comes to the lessons.


Bachelors of Music from Illinois State University

CPR training / certified, 2020

SMART training, 2019

CPI certification, 2016

MT-BC in progress