Rock your Summer Reading Program

Music Compound is committed to educating all year long, especially during the summer break.  In addition to hosting an in-person Summer Camp, Music Compound has created another way to inspire summer learning.  The Rock your Summer Reading initiative kicks off on June 1st. Area youth will have an opportunity to receive prizes for every 5 books they read. Music Compound has partnered with area businesses to provide special treats, one of kind experiences, and cool items as prizes. The goal is to inspire children to read and drive people back into area businesses. “It’s a win-win for everyone”. Stated Jenny Townsend, owner of Music Compound. A grand prize drawing will be offered for individuals that read 50+ books from June 1st thru August 5th.

“My children really enjoyed your reading program this summer. Instead of asking for their tablets they were reading and asking to visit the library often. Thank you for doing this. I hope you have it again next year.”

Program dates: June 1st through August 5th. 

Each participant can download a reader passport by visiting Most prizes are available without a coupon. This program is based on an honor system.

Each participant is required to complete the book submission form in order to be entered into the Grand Prize drawing. Our team requests you complete the form after each book for our prize partners.

The Grand Prize is a party for up to 20 people at Music Compound’s venue known as Studio 32. Karaoke, Pizza, bounce house donated by Let’s Jump Rentals, and sweet treats donated by Crumbl Cookie are included, a $600 value.  After reading your 50th book, drop off your completed passport at Music Compound to be entered to win the Grand Prize. The winner will be announced on August 12th on our Music Monday Facebook Segment. 

For additional information, contact Music Compound.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 941.379.9100

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Special thanks to our prize sponsors! We are so thankful for local businesses with an interest in child literacy.

Sienna Alfano will host three workshops this summer in partnership with Rock your Summer Reading to inspire young readers and writers.

Each workshop is 2 hours and includes a break with a snack.

Workshops are available for ages eight to thirteen and are limited to six individuals. Pre-registration is required.


Date: Tuesday, July 12th

Time: 1:30 – 3:30 PM

Sienna will cover different forms of poetry and devices. She will discuss metaphors and similes. Each attendee will have the opportunity to work with Sienna and others in a group setting. The goal is for every attendee to write their own poem. Many of the skills learned can be applied to songwriting too!

Fiction Writing

Date: Wednesday, July 13th

Time: 1:30 – 3:30 PM

Sienna will give a basic introduction to the different types of genres. She will also talk about the different structures of fiction. Sienna’s goal is to inspire you to write a fiction story. She will also discuss Flash Fiction.

Non-Fiction Writing 

Date: Thursday, July 14th

Time: 1:30 – 3:30 PM

Sienna will talk about the types of non-fiction writing (memoir, travel, journalism, essay, and monologue), and have children write a short nonfiction piece of their choosing. She will inspire the attendees to begin writing in the spur of the moment and how to write a speech.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to begin writing or enhance their writing skills. It is also a great preparation course for middle school. Many middle schoolers will be required to write a speech. Let Sienna assist you.


About Sienna

Storyteller at Heart

I am ten years old and have been writing short stories such as, “The Flying Refrigerator” since the age of three. I’m an avid reader who enjoys mystery novels such as Nancy Drew, which was the inspiration for my first book, The Mysterious Notes. I started writing The Mysterious Notes at the age of six. In my spare time, I love to recite poetry, ride my bike and bake with my Mum. I live in Sarasota, Florida with my Mum, Dad and my huge collection of books!