Rock Band ages 4-7. Imagine your child in a rock band.

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Your child might be too young for lessons but they aren’t too young for KIDZROCK!

What is KidzRock?

Kids in this younger age group aren’t quite ready for private lessons but they are ready for KidzRock. This internationally acclaimed program allows kids to play in a real rock band on day one. By using modified instruments and a kid-friendly curriculum, we’re able to make rock ‘n’ roll dreams come true.

Your child will learn the basics of guitars, drums, and piano as the band prepares for their big rock concert. We provide the instruments. You provide the rock star. No at-home practice!

Each class is 45 minutes. Your membership fee will include two live performances on a professional stage.  The Kidz Rock programs enhance your child’s social and communication skills, will boost their confidence, and allow them to interact and play with others. #teamwork   
The program is great to expose your child to music and our facility. 
Have a child turning 8 soon? Check out Junior Rockers.
Junior Rockers and Rising Stars are group classes for ages 8 thru 11 years of age at a great price. Both programs incorporate piano, drums, guitar, and vocals.
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Available Class Times:

The summer semester begins the week of June 14th and ends with a concert on August 27th.

Over the summer, we are going to be pioneering a second level to Kidz Rock, this is for students that are still 4-7 years old, have completed at least one, or preferably more sessions of Kidz Rock.

Students in the level 2 class will be able to pick up where they left off last semester and continue working through the Kidz Rock book, focussing on the songs with more chord changes, faster tempos, and more unique drum parts. They have a solid understanding of the concepts covered in the first level of Kidz Rock.

Returning: Students must be recommended by their instructor to continue on to level two. Progressing from Level 1 to Level 2 is not a matter of passing or failing. Instead, we encourage many students to repeat level 1 multiple times so that they can build a solid foundation and understanding of the concepts covered.  While the curriculum stays the same in level 1 repeating it will help solidify the concepts to memory allowing them to progress into future classes and lessons without feeling frustrated and confused. At such a developmental age we want to encourage students to continue learning and growing, and that is done best through repetition.

Level Two classes will be offered:
Tuesday at 4:30 pm‪ with Mr. Sam

If you personally feel like your student is not quite ready to continue on level 2, or if the time does not work for you, you do still have the option to keep them in level one Kidzock, they’ll still be able to enjoy the class and get something out of it.

Level one classes will be offered:

Tuesday at 3:30 pm with Mr. Sam

Tuesday at 4:30 pm with Mr. Sam

Tuesday at 5:30 pm with Mr. Sam
Tuesday at 6:30 pm with Mr. Sam


Wednesday at 3:30 pm with Kyle

Wednesday at 4:30 pm with Mr. Sam
Wednesday at 5:30 pm with Mr. Sam
Thursday at 4:30 pm with Mr. Sam

Thursday at 5:30 pm with Mr. Sam

All classes will be offered at the Cattlemen studio.

 The Downtown class option is Friday at 4:30 pm with Kyle. 

Is your student 8 years old or older? Register for Jr. Rock or private lesson options.

Junior Rock Class Options – Ages 8+

Tuesday at 3:30 PM with Sam – Great option for Private Schoolers

Wednesday at 5:30 pm with Sam or Kyle


Kidz CAN Rock!

  • Learn drums, guitar, AND keyboard
  • Custom instruments for young children
  • Instruments provided, practice not required

What Kids Learn

  • Playing instruments & singing
  • Reading Music + Rhythm
  • Improvisation & Dynamics


  • 45 minute sessions weekly
  • Max 5 band members
  • $130/mo per session (usually 5 months)

How Does It Work?


Save Your Spot

KidzRock spots sell out quickly, so use the button below to let us know you want to join a band!


Once the form is filled out, we will reach out to those on the wait list in the order that they signed up. Details including band coaches, dates/times & registration information will be distributed at that time.

Join The Community!

We're more than music lessons! Kidz Rockers are invited to our monthly concerts, weekly jam sessions, and workshops at Music Compound.