Welcome – What You Need to Know

How to Access my Music Compound Account

Click here to access Opus

  • Log into Opus
  • What is Opus? It is our new customer experience platform. It allows you to sign up, reschedule and/or cancel your lessons, update payment, and communicate with our team.


Click here to sign up for concerts

  • Sarasota Studio – Third Friday of the Month
  • Manatee Studio – 2nd Friday of the month – Effective 1/1/2023
  • Offsite – Each month we perform at Big Top. You can too! We also have a variety of offsite performance opportunities.

Access to your Teacher

  • Message via Opus
  • Attend our monthly Backstage Tours
  • What are Backstage Tours? We invite you into the studio to meet with your instructors. They will update you on how the lessons are going and/or what is working and what is not. The goal is to inspire your family to support and encourage the musician in your life.
  • This is your chance to ask questions, share concerns, and get the inside scoop.
  • Learn more by clicking here.

Discounts for Members

  • Thanksgiving Weekend – You can save 50% on Summer Camp. Nonmembers only save 10%.
  • All year long Members can save 10% on Summer Camp Enrollment
  • 10% discount on Sibling or Family memberships.
  • Only pay our Sign Up registration fee once!

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Getting Started Video


Membership Perks and Key Information to Note

Our Memberships offer a variety of services for all ages and experience levels. Our membership community is family-friendly and focused. Our goal is to connect you with compatible individuals and provide a platform for you to grow personally and musically.

Membership benefits include:

Weekly private lesson in person on the same day and time

Monthly Performance opportunities on and offsite

Access to training studios during normal business hours

Access to a weekly  jam session – Thursdays 7-8PM

Access to quarterly workshops

Supervised care in Music Lounge

Discounts on workshops and camps

Virtual learning academy via Teacherzone or MC Youtube Channel

Opus scheduling assistant

Opportunity to reschedule lessons

Local and friendly staff

The best music community in the region

Memberships include an average of 4 lessons per month. There are some months that will provide an extra lesson due to the calendar year. Some months have 5 weeks. The price does not increase in those months. Each member will receive approximately 50-53 lessons per calendar year. 

Extra lesson months (5th day of the month).

These lessons make up for the days the studio is closed. You are not charged additional these months.

Monday students: May, August, October

Tuesday students:  March, May, August,

Wednesday students: March, June, August,

Thursday students: March, June, September,

Friday students:  April, August, September,

Saturday student: April, July, October

Please note our studio is closed for the following days/weeks.

Memorial Day, Monday

4th of July week, Monday, July 4th thru Saturday, July 9th

Labor Day, Monday, September

Thanksgiving Holiday – November Wednesday – Sunday

Christmas Holiday – December 24th thru January 8th. Lessons will resume Monday, January 9th, 2023.