The stage is waiting for you!

We can’t wait to see you rock your skills. Check out this overview video for concerts. Owner, Jenny Townsend, covers what to expect and why shows are essential for your personal and professional growth.

We can’t wait for you to share your talent with the world!

Submit the form below to register for the concert. All performers must pre-register, virtual or live.

Our concerts may feel and look a bit different but they still feature Sarasota’s most talented.  Here’s what you need to know about our upcoming concerts.

Live concerts will be hosted at our venue onsite. Concerts will offer two showings from February thru May.  The concert may be inside our 3,000-square-foot venue or outside in our courtyard. 

  Pre-registration is required.

Can’t perform live but do you want to submit a video to be showcased at the concert or via our social media?

Send us a video!

Video tips:
Good lighting – Natural is best
Ensure we can see the instrument you are playing. The ENTIRE instrument.
Introduce yourself. Tell us your name, age, and how long you have been a member at MC.
Introduce your song, composer, artist
At the end of your video, smile and nod or bow.

Send your video by the deadline outlined in the email. You don’t want to miss out on sharing your skills with your fans.

Live Concert Information:

All performers must pre-register.

When registering you can opt for a preferred showing based on other commitments. We ask that you mark your calendar and inform family members.  We will not accept cancellations the week of. If you register, you must perform. Begin practicing and working hard to avoid canceling last minute due to lack of readiness.  We understand things come up.

Invite your fans!

When performing, we ask that you introduce yourself, the song, and your instructor. Feel free to share something unique and fun about yourself.  Performers that engage with the crowd are more confident and less nervous.

Let our team what you need. Do you need someone to accompany you? Need an additional mic? We are here to turn your musical dreams into reality.