Members “play” Tribute to Pink Floyd

Members of Music Compound will rock the stage in honor of Rocktober. They have chosen Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon Album. Join us October 20th at 8:00PM.

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MUSIC COMPOUND PRESENTS “THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON”“The Dark Side of the Moon” is the seminal album by the legendary British rock group Pink Floyd.Frequently appearing in lists of “the greatest albums ever made”, it is the third bestselling studio album of all time, having sold 45 million copies worldwide, and going 15x Platinum in the U.S. alone.As of March 2023, the album has spent 972 weeks on the Billboard 200 charts.First released in 1973 by Capitol records, “The Dark Side of the Moon” is a 45-minute conceptual suite covering both sides of the original vinyl album, with all the songs flowing together to make a single, epic piece of music.To celebrate 50 years of this landmark work, Taylor Galford and Iain Harris, two instructors at Music Compound, are working together to stage a performance of the entire album by the students and staff.Featuring the following members:


Alex Smith
Alexandre Han
Avery Johanning
Chase Scott
Eddie DelCastillo
Hailey Renner
Hank Peelle
Harper Weyant
Josephine Jorgensen
Kristina Rosenbaum
Lyia Lester
Patrick Collins
Rayyan Asif
Rhys Kallins
Roxanne Jorgensen
Sam Sugar
Sophia Emmons
Sophia Rios
Timmy Phelan
Trevan Leavitt
Tyler Poulton
Victor Grubbs