Welcome to Music Compound’s Songwriting Series

Our Songwriting Series was inspired by our instructors and summer songwriters. Join us weekly for an inspiring and educational hour.

The Songwriting Series will be led by Iain Harris. Iain is a musician and has a BA in Literature. He will host the weekly one-hour writing session.

Songwriting Series led by Iain. 


Weekly one-hour class open to artists of all ages with an interest in writing their own music.  The class will give artists the opportunity to write two to five songs, collaborate with others, and meet industry leaders. The class will be offered as a series from September thru January.  Artists will perform their original music on the Music Compounds stage on January 21st for a live audience. 


Iain will invite key instructors to join classes for additional support and information. You can expect to work with Tim, Paul, Matt, and Mary. Not only will you get lyrics onto paper but you will also learn about composition and theory. 


This workshop is part one of the series. Part one focuses on song structure, creation, and performance. Part two, February thru May, will provide the opportunity to produce your own EP, music video, and brand. Iain has a background in marketing, licenses, and design. With Iain’s expertise, you can have an EP with a professional album cover and artwork for promotions. Tim, Kyle, and Aaron have degrees in music production. They are excited to turn your musical dream into reality. 


Part One 

Dates: September 7th thru January 18th 

Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM Weekly

Performance: January 21st, 6:00PM

Instructor: Iain Harris 


Part Two

Dates: February 1st thru May 24th 

Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM Weekly

Performance: Red Carpet Premiere Date TBD 

Instructors: Iain, Tim, Kyle, Aaron 

Price: $130 per month


Registration: MusicCompound.com/song

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