Patrick teaches:

  • Acoustic and Electric Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Songwriting
  • Band

Patrick Ensslin is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in guitar, who has recently joined the Music Compound team. He moved to Manatee County from Alexandria, Virginia in 2022. His first foray into music was in elementary school: a disastrous attempt at the saxophone which deafened his parents. Later, around 12 years of age, he began to teach himself the guitar, and found his fingers easier to use than his lungs.By 15 he had formed an alternative rock band with his schoolmates, playing guitar and leading the songwriting process.  Birthday party concerts soon turned into opening gigs at local venues in Washington, D.C. In college he organized another band, whose music often reached into the territory of jazz and prog rock.       After college, he spent three years teaching guitar and bass at a rock school in Alexandria, while quietly pursuing some creative projects of his own. He is overjoyed to have the opportunity to collaborate with the highly talented staff of Music Compound, and hopes to make his own mark on the organization.Top 3 Reasons Why Someone Would Want You As a Teacher.        -Patient and easy-going.        -Extensive knowledge of music theory and unconventional guitar techniques.        -Tailors lessons carefully to match each student’s interests and skills.