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Bridging Musical Gaps with MC+!

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Special Announcement!

MC+ Makes


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Taking MC to the next level!

Everybody loves music, but not everyone loves practicing. For the past 3 years, Music Compound has helped students fall in love with music through lessons that inspire, bring artists together, and educate. Now we are super stoked to take our lessons to the next level through a new product we’re offering our students to help them practice better.

The Practice Problem.

One of the biggest obstacles new musicians face is what we call “the practice problem”. The practice problem rears it’s ugly head when students can’t, don’t, or simply won’t practice their instrument. And who can blame them? Piano players forget their fingerings, guitarist have to literally peel a layer of skin off their fingers, and drummers are chained to a metronome to keep time!

“The reason I don’t practice is because I learn so much in my lesson that it’s hard to remember it all!” -Joey Johnson

So, for the past year, Tom, Jenny, Kaylee, Jared put their heads together and sought to create a product that would solve this problem. After tons of double-blind, placebo based, clinical studies that are pending publication in peer-reviewed musical journals, we are proud to present to you: MC+ Capsules!

Music Mastery, In A Pill!

Blending together 30 fruits, vegetables, and gluten free grains, our MC+ Capsules are NSF Certified to ensure top quality and effectiveness. What you do is, take these capsules before your next guitar, drum, or piano lesson and infuse your body with micronutrients that make the practice problem a thing of the past! By taking MC+ Capsules right before your music lessons, your body automatically receives and retains all the musical information imparted to you by your teacher.  You won’t have to practice, because you’ll instantly become a rock star through osmosis!

Limited Time Offer!

There’s just one catch to MC+ Capsules. They are seasonal and only effective once a year. Luckily for you, that’s today, April 1st!

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Brought to you by the same team that brought you “Music Lessons for Man’s Best Friend” in 2018!
The “+” stands for how positive we are this will work!
Gummy/chewable form coming in 2020!
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