Welcome to Music Compound’s Musical Theatre and Show Choir Program.

Join our Musical Theatre and Show Choir led by Julie Rohr McHugh. Programs will cater to grades 1st thru 12th. Check out this season's shows.


The Musical Theatre and Show Choir programs are being led by Julie Rohr McHugh

Market your business this Season in our Program. 

What do I mean? You can purchase an ad in our show programs for as little as $100.  We are looking for 10 sponsors per show.

Music Compound is a music school that provides an environment to inspire, collaborate and educate children and adults in pursuit of their love of music. Performances are encouraged as a means of building confidence, poise, and cooperation. This year, Music Compound is excited to announce that it will be enlarging these opportunities by introducing a musical theater component. The kindergarten through 5th-grade musical theater class will present “Seussical Jr.” on May 9th and 13th. The middle school/high school show choir/musical theater class will present “42nd Street” on May 7th and 8th.


“42nd Street” is a particularly special performance! Last year, many of these students were scheduled to perform the show at the Sarasota Opera House in April. Because “42nd Street” requires very difficult tap routines, the students started learning the tap numbers in August. By March they knew their entire show perfectly. Then Covid happened! They continued to practice on Zoom classes through May, hoping the show would still happen. It, of course, did not. But now, through Music Compound, many of these students plus many others new to the show will be able to present this fabulous production!


Music Compound is thrilled to be able to offer these experiences to the students, but to produce them is quite expensive. Both shows require different sets, props, costumes, rentals or purchase of scripts, royalties, a new stage, and body microphones. We have 45 students in these shows. We hope you will consider being one of our sponsors or will take out an ad in our playbill.



Ads can recognize a performer for “Good Luck” or can be related to a business:


¼ Page $100

½ Page $150

Full Page $200



Bronze – $200

Includes: 2 free tickets and name of business/patron/parent in Playbill and on the website


Silver – $300

Includes: 4 free tickets and name of business/patron/parent in Playbill and on the website


Gold – $500

Includes 6 free tickets, name of business/patron/parent in Playbill and on the website,

And the name of business/patron/parent on publicity poster and in advertisements


Platinum – $1,000

Includes Premier table seating on the platform for 4 to 5 people, name of

business/patron/parent in Playbill and on the website, and name of business/patron/parent on

publicity poster and advertisements. *Limited to two tables per performance – 1st come 1st serve!


Thank you so much for your cooperation. We really appreciate your support.

Elementary Program: 

The elementary musical theater class will be help on Thursdays from 5 pm to 7 pm. The group will perform a play each semester which will include singing, dancing, and acting.  Both boys and girls are encouraged to participate!  All students will have a speaking part.  There will be a minimum of three performances locally each semester.  Both Disney World and Universal Studios have had awesome performing arts opportunities. It will remain to be seen if those programs will be continued this year.  This class will give students the valuable opportunity to present themselves before an audience. One of the greatest fears of adults is public speaking. This is a fear these students will never have!  Please come and join the fun!

Middle and High School Program: 

The middle/ high school students will be in a show choir. The students will choose a name for their group by the second session. Classes will be every Tuesday from 6 pm to 8 pm.  Students will sing and dance and have some opportunities for dialogue. Ideally, there will be an equal number of boys and girls.  Prior experience is not necessary.  There will be a minimum of 3 performances a semester. Disney World and Universal Studios have both had wonderful performance opportunities through their performing arts programs. It remains to be seen if those programs will be offered this year. Performance in a show choir benefits students in so many ways. It builds confidence and gives numerous opportunities for successful endeavors. And it is just plain FUN!

Music Compound is membership based. Memberships are auto-debited from your account on the first of every month. There is a one time registration fee of $30 for new members. Group programs do not offer sibling discounts.

Musical Membership is $100 per month for the first year. This membership is specific to the above programs led by Julie.

The Musical Membership offers 2 hours of coaching weekly plus performances.

No credits or refunds for missed classes.

Pricing does not include offsite performance fees, travel, costumes, masks, or shoes. It is strictly coaching only.

Schedule Options are based on grade level / age.

  • Tuesdays 6:00 to 8:00 PM  Middle and High School Students
  • Thursday’s 5:00 – 7:00 PM Elementary Students