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Music Compound owner Jenny Townsend (second from left) with members of the Jaramillo family: Marciel, Natalia and Paula | Photo by Eliza Jane Photography

Five years ago, Sarasota businesswoman/entrepreneur Jenny Townsend founded Music Compound, a music school that works to engage, encourage and nurture musicians and performers of all ages and skill levels. Now, Music Compound is approaching 400 members, has two locations, has given back extensively to the community and – as Townsend intended when she started this business – created a music community where a lifelong love of music is fostered and professional players, teachers and students all grow in their craft.

Music Compound recently celebrated its five-year anniversary with an event at Robarts Arena featuring – no surprise – lots of live music, dancing, food and refreshments, testimonials, and an interactive “Memory Maze” that showcased the history of the business. Approximately 150 were in attendance, including a number of members who were or have been with the school from the very beginning.

Testimonials were offered by several staff members, who spoke of the work they do at Music Compound as well as the impact the company has had on their lives and careers. Two young students, high school freshman Braedon Rutkauski and eighth-grader Caleb Adcock, offered similar stories of being new to the area and finding friends as well as heightened self-confidence through the program.

“My goal in founding this business in 2016 was to be more than a place where people took music lessons – I wanted to create a music community,” said founder and owner Jenny Townsend. “Our anniversary event offered irrefutable proof that we have succeeded in doing just that – and more. Our student and staff speakers as well as every attendee I spoke with noted that they feel we are a family. I’m so proud and honored to be a part of this company!”

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