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Jamie Vikos
Jamie Vikos, Music Compound’s new sales and marketing coordinator

Jamie Vikos has been hired as the sales and marketing coordinator at Music Compound, where her love of music, marketing and customer service make her a perfect fit. Her previous marketing experience includes Sanford, a national corporation focusing on health and wellness, where she was the company’s marketing and wellness coordinator, specializing in business-to-business development. During that time, she also became a certified coach and was motivated by helping others to achieve their goals.

Before Vikos moved to Sarasota in 2018, she founded Stringsoil, a flower and plant art company that specialized in a modern approach to Japanese gardening. For seven years, she became obsessed with creating useful and effective relationships and building her business through successful networking. She is dedicated to the process of building and fostering long-term partnerships in the community.

With her guitar by her side and an affection for songwriting, she knows how powerful music can be in one’s life. And she is always learning: when she is not at the beach, or hanging out with her son, she enjoys taking a songwriting course with her colleagues at her new workplace.

“No matter the hat I’m wearing, my goal is simple: to empower organizations and assist in their growth,” Vikos says. “Over the course of my career, I have been dedicated to the same values embodied in the mission of Music Compound: to inspire, collaborate and educate. I am looking forward to using my skills and experience to support Music Compound and ensure a valuable, enriching experience for its students of all ages.”

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About Music Compound
The Music Compound provides an environment to inspire, collaborate and educate children and adults in pursuit of their love of music. The goal is to transform dreams into reality by providing a contemporary and influential environment for musicians of all ages. For more information, visit