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Music Compound staff award-winners (from l-r) Aaron Schiavone, Jared Johnson, Alicia Schiavone and Sam Stahlmann with Music Compound owner Jenny Townsend

SARASOTA, FL – On September 10, during Music Compound’s annual Awards & Staff Retreat, the team dedicated the day to connecting with and learning from each other, while promoting positive well-being and mental health. Additionally, owner and president Jenny Townsend recognized four outstanding employees who have demonstrated their commitment to the company’s mission to inspire, collaborate and educate.

Honorees were:
Aaron Schiavone, who received the Inspirational All-Star Award in recognition of being a team player, for receiving the highest reviews from parents and students, for being flexible and compassionate with students, for being inspiring and encouraging, for inspiring team members and students, and showing up every day with a great attitude;
Alicia Schiavone, who was recognized with the Educational All-Star Award for her ability to teach the widest variety of students, making a point of regularly updating parents about their child’s progress, receiving top reviews regarding her approach and success with children, and investing time in herself to improve and expand her skills;
Jared Johnson, who was honored with the Collaboration All-Star Award for working well with others and encouraging students to do the same, for facilitating staff conversations that enable them to learn from each other, for staying true to Music Compound’s mission, and being one of the team’s most organized and respected members; and
Sam Stahlmann, who was recognized with the Summer Camp All-Star Award for rocking the 2021 summer camp, working nearly every week, approaching every session with a can-do attitude, and for his flexibility and emphasis on making learning fun, which made him a favorite among students and staff.

During the program, Townsend announced the offer of reimbursement for weekly counseling of up to $1,000 per year, per staff member. Music Compound has emphasized the importance of self-care for its team, particularly with the stress and anxiety many have suffered due to the pandemic.

Speakers during the event were Mitch Lomazov, the Executive Director of Excellence Performance, a world-class business coaching and leadership seminar company, and John Gregory, a previous Samaritan board member who joined its staff in 2020 as the first Community Care Director.

“I can’t say enough how well our team has supported and inspired one another this past year, especially through challenging times,” said Townsend. “This year’s focus was on well-being and mental health, which has always been a priority but moved to the forefront given the world situation this past 18 months. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to work with our incredible team and very proud of this year’s worthy honorees.”

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About Music Compound
The Music Compound provides an environment to inspire, collaborate and educate children and adults in pursuit of their love of music. The goal is to transform dreams into reality by providing a contemporary and influential environment for musicians of all ages. For more information, visit