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This Week at MC

How music is contagious.

Congrats to all our PARENTS!

This week we salute our amazing parents who support their children in their musical endeavors. We are proud to partner with you to turn these music dreams into reality.


March Tuesday Workshops = Solos & Improv

Tuesdays 6PM-7PM Aaron is offering FREE WORKSHOP for members reviewing:
  • Music theory for soloing/improv
  • Scales and Modes
  • Etiquette for soloing/improv


Gigging builds community

We want to acknowledge our bands and weekend warriors who go out into the local Sarasota community and play music! It’s an amazing way to grow as musicians and grow closer as a music family.

What our members have to say…

CLICK HERE to listen to testimonials from our own students!


Music is contagious!

Music has the amazing ability to AFFECT those around you! We love teaching students how to express themselves so they can impact the lives of those who hear them.