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Shred the Love 2019 continues giving!

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Shred the Love 2019 continues giving!

SARASOTA, FL: The Music Compound held its second annual Shred the Love event on Jan. 25, at the Compound headquarters located at 1751 Cattlemen Road. Organized by local high school students, Shred the Love is a silent auction and concert raising funds to benefit Every Child Inc., an organization that allows underprivileged students the opportunity to pursue music. This year’s festivities raised $5,000 for area music programs. Last year, the inaugural Shred the Love campaign raised $5,000 for Music Heals Us, which provides ukuleles for children with cancer.


The youth-driven event raised nearly $2,000 from tickets and a silent auction. Additionally, the Music Compound received an anonymous donation of $3,040 earmarked for Shred the Love, for a grand total of $5,000.


Funds raised are planned to be utilized as follows:

●          $1,500 to Bridge a Life – funds will be used to scholarship foster children to attend Music Compound’s Summer Camp;

●          $1,500 to be used for individual scholarships for youth to attend Music Compound for lessons;

●          $1,000 to Boys and Girls Club Sarasota; and

●          $1,000 to Girls Inc.


The donations to the Boys and Girls Club Sarasota and Girls Inc. of will help to provide music education programs at their respective locations. The Music Compound would facilitate and provide all instruments for classes and workshops. Several possibilities are being explored, including:

●          An intergenerational workshop teaching guitar and/or percussion to youths and parents;

●          A songwriting class with vocals and instruments;

●          An Intro to music class for students of a variety of ages; and

●          The sponsorship of a music room at their facility — the Music Compound would provide/purchase instruments, along with a speaker and tablet, for students’ use.


Pictured: Kaylee Betts, Shred the Love event chair (fourth from left, front row);

Jenny Townsend, owner of Music Compound (far left, front row); along with

Youth Committee, instructors and featured band members.


About the Music Compound

The Music Compound provides an environment to inspire, collaborate and educate children and adults in pursuit of their love of music. Members of the Music Compound will have access to a wide array of learning opportunities intended to not only build music skills, but also enhance confidence, communication and social interaction abilities. Learning opportunities include one-on-one instrument lessons, group instrument lessons, music education, workshops, open forums to encourage music interactions, along with performance and recital opportunities. The goal is to transform dreams into reality by providing a contemporary and influential environment for musicians of all ages. For more information, visit

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