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Local rock band ‘Oxidation’ will headline the January 20 Songwriter Showcase at Music Compound’s Sarasota location

During local music school Music Compound’s January member concert in Sarasota, students – two bands and several solo artists – will present original compositions crafted with Music Compound instructor support. The concert – which is free and open to the public – takes place on Friday, January 20, 6 p.m. at Music Compound SRQ (1751 Cattlemen Rd., Sarasota).

The headliner for the concert is Oxidation, an alternative band that was conceived and nurtured at Music Compound. Current Riverview High School students Caleb Adcock, vocals, and Michael Hackney, lead guitar, met as eighth graders several years ago in Music Compound’s Band Program, which matchmakes youths based on skill level and preferred musical genres. Their first band effort was called “The Intellectuals” and they performed throughout the community with Music Compound.

Adcock and Hackney started Oxidation, a rock group influenced by ‘70s-‘90s rock artists, just last year. The group, which now also includes Landon “Random” Bailey on bass and Jonah Slovick on drums, performs cover and original music during gigs at venues including Big Top Brewing Company, Stottlemyer’s, Cool Today Park, Hart’s Landing and O’Leary’s.

Oxidation will drop its debut four-song, self-titled EP this month; the recording was completed at Music Compound with the support of instructor Aaron “Sidewinder” Schiavone. Adcock notes that there are a lot of musical influences that contributed to the sound featured on the EP but that, if he had to choose one that stands out, it would be ‘90s alternative rock.

Adcock, who recently turned 17, notes that he didn’t even realize how much he liked music when he first signed up for vocal lessons at Music Compound four years ago. He dabbled in drums during a summer camp and then began honing his chops on rhythm guitar – but he truly comes alive behind the microphone. He notes that Music Compound was instrumental in helping him to become disciplined about rehearsing as well as providing numerous opportunities to play in front of – and learn how to connect with – audiences.

“I probably wouldn’t have gotten where I am without Music Compound,” Adcock says. And he loves the impact music has on people. “It’s a universal language. Regardless of race, politics, age … everyone can come together through music.”

Another group slated to perform during the Songwriter Showcase is Exit the Cave, a five-piece rock band that includes adult guitarist Lloyd Pepper. Pepper has been a member of Music Compound since 2017. His wife bought him guitar lessons, then he started attending jam sessions weekly, then he joined Music Compound’s adult band program, where he enjoyed public performance opportunities. During the pandemic, his first band – Electric Church – fizzled out; five months ago, Pepper became involved with his current group – featuring vocalist Rick Levine, guitarist Josh Parisi, bass player Benji Conquista, and drummer Lewis Farnam.

“Music Compound has a great composition of study, practice and play as well as the ability to accommodate at both of its venues, and the teachers are well-versed in music and understanding the musical needs of their students at all levels,” said Pepper. “Though Music Compound tends towards youth and teens, they also have many adult students such as myself – and I will never stop being a student of music!”

While Pepper is no longer a member of Music Compound, he reports that he is still involved with the music school personally and professionally, helping with the maintenance and repair of its building.

“Our mission at Music Compound is to provide an opportunity for musicians to collaborate,” added Jenny Townsend, owner of Music Compound. “Regardless of someone’s age, skill level, or the type of music they prefer, it is very likely that – among our members – they’ll be able to find like-minded individuals to connect and create music with. We encourage the community to come enjoy some homegrown original music with us on January 20!”